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Maintenance Unit

Maintenance Unit

About The Maintenance Unit

This Unit supports maintenance service delivery at all IHVN facilities. We design, install, repair, update, upgrade and maintain all architectural, mechanical and electrical infrastructure within the Institute while ensuring that standards and codes are kept.

We also design electrical/mechanical services for biomedical and biotechnological infrastructure, such as Bio-Safety Level 2 and Bio-Safety Level 3 laboratories supported by the Institute.

The Unit handles plumbing services and is responsible for diesel distribution for the Institute. It recommends and obtains quality equipment and liaises with suppliers and contractors for optimal performance.

Preventive maintenance is a key function of the unit. It ensures timely planning, and conducts assessments when technical issues arise. Other functions include;

  • Proposing safe and sound mechanical, electrical, electronic designs. and sundry circuits and maps.
  • Ensuring surveillance, maintenance and refurbishment of circuitries, installations, equipment, devices and mechanical support systems within all IHVN centers.
  • Providing safe power structure and utility for everyday use by IHVN staff/professionals.

Head of Maintenance Unit, Arch. Samaila Shawulu (facing camera) participates in an inspection of electrical facilities at the Institute’s International Research Center of Excellence under construction.

  • Screening and monitoring of contract terms and methodology to ensure only the best methods are admissible.
  • Eliminating waste in the use of gadgets, equipment, and all electrical, mechanical utility/consumables.
  • Ensuring optimum use of electrical/mechanical and electronic equipment such as generating sets, air-conditioners, inverters/UPS etc.

Unit contact email: [email protected]

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