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Program Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

Program Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

About The Program Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

We are responsible for collecting and collating data on services carried out in the different programs that IHVN implements.  The unit also reports organizational achievements on the United States Government DATIM reporting platform on a quarterly basis and ensures that reported data meet required standards.

Data quality is our watch word. To this end, we carry out routine data quality assessments and institutionalize reporting processes to enhance quality.

Our activities also include, making sure that necessary Data Collection Tools (DCTs) are available at all service delivery points and offering adequate training for personnel on the use of these tools. DCTs are modified and updated regularly as the need arises in accordance to the guidelines laid down by National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA). All the facilities we support also use Government of Nigeria approved DCTs.

On a monthly basis, the Institute collates data from health facilities that we support using summary reports entered into the DHIS2 Health Management Information Platform; this is analyzed to reflect our progress towards meeting set targets.


Unit Head, Mrs. Martha Okposo addresses staff at a review meeting

Our quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports are all generated from the DHIS2 platform. These reports are shared first with service delivery facilities, then to the Ministry of Health, our donors and other regulatory authorities as required.

Information gathered is used by all levels of management within the institute and service delivery facilities to improve processes and ensure achievement of excellent results using the cost-effective methods.

Unit contact email: [email protected]

Program Monitoring and Evaluation Unit Team